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Pillow Talk

Don't be shy! You can never have too many throw cushions. They make any space more inviting and are a great way to incorporate colour and texture.

Design tip: Make your budget go further by combining inexpensive basics with higher-end cushion covers. Pops of texture, colour and pattern interspersed with simple neutrals create a balanced and elevated look.

Here's where I go for my throw cushions...


Hands down the best spot for inexpensive neutral cushion covers.

$5 - $40


Great source for unique statement cushion covers.

$45 - $120


Lots of options in interesting fabrics.

$40 - $200


Huge variety of modern styles.

$50 - $100

WHAT'S INSIDE MATTERS (the scoop on pillow inners)

Cushions look so much better (and are way more comfortable) when they are down-filled. Some cheap pillowcases come with a 100% polyester inner. Do yourself a favour- ditch those and replace them with something down-filled!

My go-to inners are from IKEA and Tonic Living, depending on the look I'm trying to achieve.

IKEA inners: 100% down filled for a more relaxed, lived-in vibe

TONIC LIVING inners: More structured tailored look because of a poly ball that's inside them (amongst the down). The ball allows them to bounce back to shape after being compressed.

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