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Jilly Smith Design Process & Hand Sketching

Hand Sketches

When working on a new project, I always start the concept stage with a good old fashion hand sketch. I get inspired by putting pen to paper and can easily show clients what I'm visualizing in my head.

My toolbox:

- Felt tip pen

- Ruler

- Drafting paper

- Transparent tracing paper


Next, I add colour and pattern to show finishes. I do this digitally and use the opportunity to present different options to the client.

Here I was showing a light and a dark option for our rustic coffered ceiling at the Lake of Bays Cottage project.


Once we land on a concept, I build my hand drawings into CAD elevations. These drawings show all views of the room and include fixtures and finishes. They also specify exact measurement details and an be used by contractors and millworkers.

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